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De 25 Fevereiro 2014

Museum of Art and Science Milan

The Museum of Art and Science of Milan, a few steps away from Castello Sforzesco , born in 1990, at the behest of the German physicist Gottfried Matthaes . It houses important collections of Buddhist Art and African and an educational section dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci , but his pride and joy is the path on the recognition of the authenticity in art and antiques . Every room faces a fundamental theme : from painting on canvas and wood to the excavated pottery , furniture antique amber and ivory , from silver to antique books and prints , tapestries , rugs , explaining for each topic what are the characteristics that help to identify the genuine from the fake object . There are also numerous " test station " workstations with microscopes, magnifying glasses , special lamps available for visitors to perform practical tests. Teaching the museum also provides a special route for children. Another peculiarity of the Museum of Art and Science is the presence within it of a scientific laboratory , visited on request , where they are used modern instruments that allow you to analyze, study and date the material they are made objects of art. The collection of Buddhist art is distinguished by the number and quality of the objects from Burma and Thailand so that it becomes the most important Italian collection of the Indochina area . The collection of African art objects instead collects mainly from the western and central regions in sub -Saharan Africa with objects of rare quality from Mali , Ivory Coast and Nigeria . A Leonardo Da Vinci are two exhibitions dedicated to teaching : one to his " Treatise on Painting" , the other to the " twenty years in Milan"

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