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ミラノとその近郊のイベント - 詳細

2014年 2月 24日 -

Museum of Natural History Milan

The Museum of Natural History of Milan was founded in 1838 and is one of the most important natural history museums in Europe. In 2008 it was visited by 350,000 people .

The museum was created by the naturalist and collector Giuseppe De Cristofori (1803 - 1837) , who bequeathed his impressive collection to the city of Milan under the constraint of founding a museum whose management was entrusted to his friend Giorgio Jan ( 1791 - 1866) . He in turn bequeathed it to the museum as its substantial natural history collections .

After some ordeal tied to the need to accommodate the large and growing body of collections, the current site was eventually built specifically between 1888 and 1893 in the Romanesque Revival style and hints of Gothic elements in the upper , designed by Giovanni Ceruti in the Public Gardens Milan, near Corso Venezia .

The museum was almost entirely destroyed by bombing in 1943, followed by fire , with the loss of about half of the materials of the collections. It was rebuilt after the war and reopened to the public in 1952.

Since 1993, the museum is located the headquarters of the African Studies Center archeology , working with the museum and the library, which is available along with the museum's library .

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