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From 24 Febrero 2014

Villa Necchi Campiglio Milan

Villa Necchi Campiglio is a historic house (house museum) which is part of the circuit of the "Museum Houses of Milan."

Located in Via Mozart 14, is considered a model for perhaps unique beauty and preservation of twentieth-century private villa style of the thirties. It was in fact built between 1932 and 1935 as a single-family detached home designed by architect Piero Portaluppi, one of the greatest Italian architects of the period, and is surrounded by a large garden with tennis court and swimming pool, a second pool of Milan after the municipal and the first to be built on private land.

Among the personalities who were housed figure Henry of Hesse designer for the Teatro alla Scala, was housed during his stay in Milan in a room named in his honor Room of the Prince. There was also the "Princess Room", given to Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy, a great friend of the sisters Necchi.

Villa Necchi Campiglio
Via Mozart 14 - Milano
Tel. 02 76340121 - Fax 02 76395526

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