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From 31 Agosto 2012 to 30 Diciembre 2015



As of July 1, 2013, the Milan City Council is introducing a City tax which is in addition to current 10% VAT levies.

The terms and conditions related to this measure/tax are the following:
3,00 PER PERSON, PER NIGHT for stays in 2-star hotels based in Milan
It is due for the entire stay
It is to be settled by the hotel guest directly upon check-out
Reductions: in case of big congress events - or with more than 1000 participants - in 2013, the Tax will be reduced by 20% or 2.40 per person, per night. This tax break will be increased to 50% off in 2014 (or 1,.50 per person, per night)
The above may be subject to change according to Milan City Council amendments and without further notice by the hotel


Children under 18 years of age
People with official residence based in Milan
People that are getting medical care at sanitary structures in Milan and related Province after a hospital treatment (including their relatives/helpers)
Relatives/helpers of people admitted to health facilities in the Province of Milan and within the period of hospitalization
Disabled people and their helpers
On duty Security Force in the city of Milan
Volunteers of the Civil Defence or other associations in case of natural disaster or serious event such identified by the Milan City Council
The exemption will be granted upon presentation of self-certification at the check-in.

We remain at You disposal, for any further information e-mail us at

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