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From February 20 2014

Basilica of Sant'Eustorgio Milan

The Basilica of Sant'Eustorgio is a Catholic place of worship, located in the square in Milan, near Porta Ticinese.

The original facade of the basilica, dating from the twelfth century , is the result of a restoration in the Romanesque Revival style , made ​​by engineer John Pitcher between May 1864 and August 1865. It has since then the typical shape of a hut , with arches protruding below the upper cornice , each three portals surmounted by a lunette mosaic , a mullioned window above the central door and two single ones on the side . Left corner , adjacent to the facade of the Dominican convent , there is the pulpit from which he preached the inquisitor Peter Martyr.

On the southern side of the church facing the apse chapels built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries (see below) , restored between 1864 and 1872 by the architect Henry Terzaghi , who freed the superstructures accumulated between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries . Valuable source of first-hand news about the restoration of the church is made ​​up of the chronicle written by Paul Route priest , who followed along all phases of the engineer Andrea Pirovano Visconti : both protagonists will be a few years later , the rescue of the church of San Vincenzo in Prato.

The bell tower, located on the back of the church , hosts a concert of 6 bells. On the top , instead of the usual cross , is placed an 8-pointed star , the symbol of the star that guided the Magi to Bethlehem. The bell tower was home to the first public clock in Italy.

07:45 hours

17:00 (Saturday - Vigil)
09.30 Mass of the Children
11.00 Commissioning Community
12.30 in Portinari Chapel
17.00 in basilica

Piazza Sant'Eustorgio, 1, 20123 Milano, Italia
+39 02 5810 1583


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